Thermal Fluid Heaters (Hot Oil Heaters)

Boilertech provides a range of thermal fluid heaters (hot oil boilers) for thermal outputs of 80 kW – 12,800 kW, using both mineral based thermal oils and synthetic fluids at temperatures of up to 360C.

The heaters can be fired using gaseous fuels including natural gas, L.P.G. biogas, butane, propane and liquid fuels including diesel, fuel oils of various grades and liquid bio-fuels.

The heaters can be provided in vertical and horizontal configurations using concentric coiled construction with a generously wide combustion chamber enabling the use of many types of proprietary burners. The conservatively designed coil construction delivers high thermal efficiencies, exceptional longevity and a proven manufacturing history of over 50 years.

The main features of this design include:

  • Thermal output of 80 kW – 12,800 kW
  • Superior coil design and thermal efficiency
  • Minimal refractory used in the design
  • Easy access into the combustion chamber
  • Exceptional design longevity delivered by 50 years of design improvement
  • indoor and Outdoor design configurations available
  • Incorporation of the highest levels of safety through design and bench mark safety devices
  • Unmanned (unattended) operation available
  • Fitment of market leading proprietary burners
  • Compliance with all Australian and International Standards
  • Fully packaged delivery available
  • Heaters are fully tested at the manufacturing plant prior to shipment

Hot Oil Boilers

Renowned for delivering a more efficient process heating system the hot oil boilers designed, supplied, and installed at Boilertech will provide our clients with lasting and superior process heating for their purposes. To speak to a member of our team about the benefits of installing one of our hot oil boilers please feel free to contact us today.

For orders or enquiries, please call +61 3 9460 2800 or use our online enquiry form.

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