Eurogen Condensing Boilers

Eurogen Gas Fired Heating Boilers 450-1250kW

  • High efficiency condensing boiler ≤ 95%
  • No return flow temperature limitation
  • Highest degrees of efficiency by utilising the heat of condensation from the combustion of natural gas
  • Three pass flue gas exhausts in two cylindrically ananged, stacked boller drums
  • All pafis in contact with flue gas or condensate are made from stainless steel
  • Minimum load according to the modulation range of the burner
  • Large water volume for good thermal stratification
  • Balanced combustion chamber geometry for rapid heat transmission and clean and complete combustion
  • Optimised 860mm boiler width for ease of installation
  • Connection facility for a cold partial return flow for the selective charging of the heating sudaces in the third flue
  • Operating overpressure 600 kPa
  • 100 mm heat insulation for the minimisation of radiation losses
  • Boiler doors hinged right hand or left hand

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