Yes, at Boilertech we specialise in not just selling you the best and most effective solution for your heating requirements, but we install all our unattended Steam Boilers, Thermal Oil Heaters, Pressure Vessels in accordance with all safety standards. We offer service and installations across Australia.

Depending on the thermal fluid boiler and the application, we use a range of hot oil, synthetic fluids and mineral fluid heaters.

Steam Boilers:

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Reduced maintenance

Thermal Oil Heaters:

  • Limited internal corrosion of boiler pipe work
  • Less regulations to maintain
  • System thermal losses are dramatically reduced

Depending on the type and size of the equipment required, the delivery can be approximated at 6 – 22 weeks from order date.

Nearly all boilers and process heaters are made to order to suit specific requirements. Installation and commissioning works would add up to six weeks, depending on the scope of works required.

If the heating load requirements can be identified, then Boilertech can provide pricing promptly for the process heating and ancillary equipment. Site installation costs would be assessed upon the receipt of site drawings, locality of services and detailed requirements.

Alternatively, Boilertech can provide pricing based on a defined project scope of works or supply of the equipment and commissioning only, if required. Please contact us for a consultation based on your specific heating requirements.

Yes. Ancillary equipment including feedwater tank, blowdown system, feedwater treatment equipment, chimney flue, circulation pump, expansion vessel, fuel supply tank, fuel pressure regulator, and isolation valving may be required to complete your system.

Our team can help assess your requirements and suggest any possible improvements that may help you save on costs and develop improved performance of your plant equipment. Please contact us for more information.

As a general rule the following commercial fuels are selected: Natural Gas, L.P.G., Fuel Oils and Electricity.

In commercial & industrial applications, the type of boiler or heater will depend on the process temperature you require and the design configuration of your process equipment. Please contact us for a consultation.

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