Watertube Steam Boilers

Boilertech offers the Maxitherm water tube steam boiler range, covering outputs from 1000 kW – 50 M.W. in both saturated and superheated steam delivery.

The Maxitherm water tube boilers can utilise most types of Liquid and Gaseous fuels available, including process gas steams and combinations of fuels.

The safe and proven Maxitherm ‘D’ type design configuration delivers outstanding longevity and cost efficiency through the provision of high thermal efficiency, ease of maintenance and incorporation of quality based equipment, instrumentation, controls and burners in a packaged boiler.

The fully engineered steam boiler package is designed for safe, fully automatic and unattended operation in accord with Australian Standards.

The benefit of this is to enable operation without the need for skilled operators attending the boiler plant constantly.

The Maxitherm boiler range uses a ‘D’ type configuration for the arrangement for the steam and water drums and the water tube assemblies.

The overwhelming advantages of the Maxitherm design with it’s fast and positive circulatory system has resulted in being chosen by clients seeking delivery of achieved long term value all over Australia and the World.

The features of this design include:

  • Thermal output for 1 M.W. – 50 M.W
  • Steam capacities from 1600 kg/hour – 80,000 kg/hour
  • Steam design pressures of 10 – 70 BAR
  • Saturated steam or superheated steam options available
  • ‘D’ Type configuration
  • Finned tube furnace and convection bank water walls providing low maintenance
  • Large steam and water drums providing high steam purity, facilitation of fluctuating steam loads and ease of access during
  • annual inspections
  • Large combustion chamber providing long life and high thermal efficiency
  • Large bore water tubes delivering high construction integrity and dependability
  • Proven reliability
  • Conservative heat transfer rates
  • Complete accessibility for maintenance and inspection
  • Responsible design and project delivery

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