Waste Heat Firetube (REC Series)

Horizontal recovery boilers with smooth fire tubes and contoured plates for the production of steam from waste heat gases exiting gas turbines, gas/diesel engines, V.O.C. combustors, incinerators, furnaces and thermal plants for many types.

The main features of this design are:

  • Models up to 20,000 kg/hour of steam and25 BAR pressure.
  • Maximum exhaust gas temperature of up to 1000°C.
  • High temperature water application available.
  • Large volume steam chamber to provide high quality steam.
  • Monobloc configuration with control panel, pumps, instrumentation and safety devices mounted and wired as a packaged unit. This waste heat recovery boiler is ready for site installation and connection to services and hot gas ducting.
  • Access doors to enable accessibility to the tubes for cleaning if required.
  • Unmanned (Unattended) operation available in accord with AS 2593 and other national codes.
  • Adaptability to incorporate steam superheating and feedwater preheating.
  • Optional provision of exhaust gas bypass controls and ducting incorporation.

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