Waste Heat Coil Type (EXT Series)

The EXT heat recovery recuperator can be mounted horizontally or vertically for the production of steam, hotwater, high temperature hot water and thermal fluid heating from waste heat gases exiting gas turbines, gas/diesel engines, V.O.C. combustors, oxidisers, incinerators, furnaces, smelting furnaces and thermal plants of many types.

The main features of this design are:

  • The EXT series is manufactured with concentric ferrules of carbon steel coils which constitute the heat exchanger surface.
  • The coils are jointed in series or in paralled according to the application to guarantee the best heat exchange efficiency.
  • The configuration provides substantial self cleaning of the heat exchanger surface of the coils by design.
  • The EXT design enables the recovery of waste heat gases below 200oC, without the formation of acid condensates even in the presence of corrosive gases.
  • Highly reduced exhaust gas steam pressure drop is achieved.
  • Pre-assembled and skid mounted packaged unit delivery.
  • Optional provision of exhaust gas bypass controls and ducting incorporation.

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