Vertical Watertube Steam Boilers

The Vertical watertube steam boilers is assembled in Australia and displays excellent performance and thermal efficiency, plus a host of features that provide long term cost effectiveness.

The boiler offers exceptional reliability and thereby minimises the level of maintenance required.

Other features include unattended operation, superior heat up time, inherent watertube design safety, minimal floor space requirement and industry leading efficiency. If you want to save fuel costs then this is the boiler for you.


  • Unattended Operation
  • Fast Heat Up Time
  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • Watertube Design
  • Compact Design
  • Fully Assembled & Factory Teste
  • High Quality Casing Insulatio
  • High Quality Instrumentation & Controls
  • High Quality Burner, Pump & Valving Fiout


  • No boiler attendant required which reduces cost.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and therefore running cost.
  • Further reduces fuel consumption and therefore further reduces running costs.
  • Inherently safer than firetube design.Provies superior heat transfer.
  • Reduces floor space requirement and therefore housing costs.
  • Ensures site installation time is minimise.
  • Reduces radiant losses and therefore fuel costs.
  • Reduces maintenance and unplanned shut downs.
  • Long term cost effectivenes. Minimisation of potential failures.

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