Vertical Tubeless Steam Boilers

The Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler is manufactured in Australia and displays excellent performance plus a host of features that provide long term cost effectiveness. The boiler offers exceptional reliability and minimises the level of maintenance it requires.

Other features include superlative heating surface area, four gas passes, extensive steam storage volume and the largest steam surface release area available. Reduced thermal stress ensures increased longevity. Vertical Tubeless Steam boiler not only offers faster heat up time but offers the benefit of better reaction to steam load fluctuations.


  • Superlative Heating Surface Area
  • Four Gas Passes
  • Furnace Completely Surrounded By Water
  • Large Steam Storage Volume
  • Largest Steam Surface Release Area
  • Fully Assembled And Factory Tested
  • Rockwool Casing Insulation
  • High Quality Electrical Controls Provided
  • Generous Hand Hole Inspection Covers
  • Provision of High Quality Burner
  • Pump and Valving Fitout


  • Reduced thermal stress, Increased longevity
  • Better thermal efficiency
  • Nil refractory repairs
  • Faster heat up time
  • Reacts better to steam load fluctuations.
  • Provides dryer steam and reduces carry over which reduces down stream system scaling.
  • Minimised installation and commissioning time and cost
  • Reduced radiant heat loss
  • Reduced maintenance and unplanned shut downs
  • Enables complete inspection and audit evaluation
  • Long term cost effectiveness
  • Minimisation of failures
  • Reduced maintenance
  • High integrity inspection and audit systems in place.

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