Recuperative Thermal Oxidisers

The simplest and safest method of treating polluting VOCs is to oxidise them by heating in a combustion chamber at a temperature in the range 7001100C (typically about 750C) with a residence time of between 0.6 and 2.0 seconds (typically about 0.8″).

The number and position of the heat recovery units in each plant varies according to specific individual design requirements.

The process plant includes:

  • A fan with inverter speed regulation to vary the input flow.
  • A pre-heater for the effluent air.
  • The Oxidiser.
  • Control panel for system regulation with PLC for the management of the operating cycles plus operator interface panel with LCD touch screen and temperature recorder/controller.
  • Heat recovery units which can recover heat into thermal fluid, steam hot water or high temperature pressurised water and/or air.


  • Continuous regulation of emissions.
  • Simplicity of control and management.
  • Quick start up.
  • Heat energy recovery.
  • Safety and reliability with full hazard audit.
  • Range of effluent 1,000 to 60,000 Nm3/h.

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