Pegasus F2

Pegasus are a range of floor standing, gas fired boilers with a cast iron body, natural draught, open chamber and electronic ionisation

Pegasus F2 Gas Fired Atmospheric Boilers 51-102kW

The main features of the F2 series are as follows:

  • High efficiency heat generator on gas fuel, floor-standing, open and semi-cooled combustion chamber, natural draught flue exhaust, for the production of hot water for central heating
  • G20 cast-iron boiler body made from pre-assembled elements (4-7), insulated by a layer of rock wool lined by tear-proof ceramic fibre fabric
  • Air intake burner with heads (3-6) made from AlSl 304 steel, electric ignition with intermittent pilot flame and safety device that measures the ionisation current produced by the flame
  • Constant heat input, “on-off” or modulating operation
  • Flue manifold with semi-incorporated draft divefter-wind shield device
  • Steel casing painted white by anaphoresis using epoxy powder paint
  • Safety, thanks to the use of a double valve block with on-off mechanisms controlled independently by the control thermostat and by the safety thermostat
  • Sturdiness, due to the excellent quality of the materials used and the strict tests pedormed on the cast-iron elements
  • Efficiency, due to the special layout of the cast-iron exchanger element with large finned sudace, the stainless steel burner and the effective insulation of the boiler body
  • Bational conskuction highlighting the simplicity of installation and maintenance operations
  • Possibility to install the modules with a side-by-side or opposing layout
  • AGA Approval No.630l

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