Hot Gas Heaters (Internal Duct Heaters)

Direct fired gas heaters designed to elevate the temperature of a non volatile hot gas stream to suit a useable process application temperature.

These heaters fire directly into the hot gas stream.

The bumers comprise of modules of V shaped standard burner elements configured to suit the ducting arrangement.

The combustion air for the burners can be provided by positive pressure directly from the vein or by induced negative pressure via an exhaust fan.

These options allow varied applications to be satisfied with variable oxygen contents, variable combustion air delivery and various hot gas steam pressure drops.

The burners can be configured to be mounted inside the hot gas steam, where hot gas inlet temperatures are ≤ 400°C or outside the steam for hot gas inlet temperatures of ≥ 400°C

The main features of this design are:

  • Maximum gas outlet temperature to 800°C.
  • Thermal capacities from 100kW to 30,000kW.
  • Horizontal or Vertical configurations available.
  • Gaseous fuel burners, including natural gas, L.P.G. methane, butane, biogas and other combustible gases upon application review.

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