Ceramic Regenerative Oxidisers

Ceramic Regenerative Oxidisers are used in cases where the requirement for heat recovery does not exist or is too small to justify employing a Thermal Recovery Oxidiser.

Regenerative Oxidisers include

  • Effluent fan with automatic output control system.
  • Heat storage towers filled with ceramic, which may be saddles or honeycomb structures selected to suit the requirements of the application.
  • A system of automatic valves for effluent distribution through the towers. The valves can be fitted under or next to the towers, according to technical and site space requirements.
  • Combustion chamber with one or more modulating automatic gas/fuel burners.
  • Control panel with: PLC for the management of the operating cycle, operator interface panel with LCD touch screen and temperature recorder.


  • The effectiveness of the abatement of VOC emissions is equal to that of a thermal recovery oxidisers, whilst the NOx emissions results are lower.
  • Continuous regulation of the emissions.
  • Simplicity of management.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Reduced gas/fuel consumption: the Regenerative Oxidiser can achieve auto-thermal conditions with low concentrations of VOC.
  • Self-contained plant which does not produce waste heat for reuse in the production cycle and therefore does not need an additional heat distribution system.
  • Range from 1,000 to 150,000 Nm3/h.

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