Why Importing from Overseas Isn’t Recommended

At Boilertech, we’re contacted often by people who have tried to save money by importing a new boiler or machine from overseas, only to run into problems and require our help. Whilst machines in China and other countries can be cheaper than they are in Australia problems can be encountered when it comes to bringing them into Australia. Very often, machines purchased overseas are not compliant with Australian standards, meaning they can’t be safely installed and used until they’re converted and brought up to scratch.

Is It Worth Converting a Machine?

Converting a machine to make it compliant with Australian standards and regulations comes with a high price tag. And in addition to converting, which can take up to 5 weeks depending on the machine, all of the documentation must be rewritten, including wiring diagrams and other information required by statutory authorities must be created to meet Australian standards. Ultimately, this means people who buy from Asia with the intention to save money can actually end up spending more time and money than they would if they’d simply purchased the machine in Australia.

Why Is It Best to Buy in Australia?

When you buy a machine in Australia directly from Boilertech, you can rest assured it will be compliant with all Australian standards, ensuring no further costs will be incurred. You can also be sure of exceptional quality, which may not be guaranteed in machines purchased overseas.

For more information on why it’s best to buy locally, contact Boilertech today.

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